Medical Notes this week…

Some parts of the United States are suffering a severe rebound in COVID-19 cases… But states that stuck to tough shelter in place rules are now recovering. An analysis by researchers at the University of California–Berkeley shows the aggressive steps likely prevented more than 60 million cases of COVID-19 in the United States. They provide no estimate of the number of lives saved by emergency closures…but the study’s lead author says that around the world, no other human endeavor has saved so many lives in such a short period of time. 

Here’s one more factor that can raise your risk of contracting coronavirus—your blood type. A study at Columbia University finds that people with type A blood have a 33 percent higher risk of testing positive…. while those with type O have a much lower risk. Type B is somewhere in between. it all has to do with natural antibodies… which are present at higher levels in type O blood. Nearly half of Americans are type O and a little more than a third are type A.

And finally… Americans are less happy than they’ve been in at least 50 years. Scientists at the University of Chicago have been surveying happiness nationwide since 1972… and the results have never been worse. Only 14 percent of people say they’re very happy, an all-time low. More people say they’re depressed and lack companionship, and fewer think their children will grow up to have a better standard of living than they do. 

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