17-36 Segment 1: Behavioral Sciences at the CIA


Analysts at the Central Intelligence Agency often rely on psychological techniques to predict the behavior and decisions of world leaders, and of populations around the world. Experts, including an active CIA analyst, describe how they do it, and how other nations use these techniques as well.


  • George Gerliczy, Senior Analyst, Central Intelligence Agency
  • Dr. David Broniatowski, Assistant Professor of Engineering Management Systems, George Washington University

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17-05 Segment 1: Autism in Girls

little girl sitting on the bench in the park at the day time


Experts have believed that autism affects four times as many boys as girls, but the ratio may not actually be quite that high. Doctors are learning that autism shows up differently in girls’ behavior as a result of brain differences. This leaves many girls with autism undiagnosed.

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15-41 Segment 2: What Your Therapist Is Thinking


Synopsis: Many people have no idea how or why psychotherapy works. A well-known psychotherapist describes what therapists are thinking while the patient is talking and how these thoughts guide treatment.

Host: Nancy Benson. Guest: Dr. Drew Permut, Clinical Professor of Psychology, George Washington University and author, Inside Your Therapist’s Mind: How a Psychotherapist Thinks and Why It Works

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