19-48 Segment 1: The Sleep Deprivation Of Local Police

The Sleep Deprivation Of Local Police

Studies show that law enforcement is the most sleep deprived of all professions, with potentially damaging and even fatal consequences for decision-making and reaction time, as well as long-term health damage. Experts discuss the unique challenges in having a poorly rested police force and in fixing it.

The Effects of Workplace Fatigue

Fatigue in the workplace carries enormous costs in loss of productivity and injury. Experts are beginning to measure its precise effects in real time using wearable motion sensors, with some surprising results that will shape solutions. An expert who has studied this shares insights.

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18-06 Segment 1: Speaking Out on Sexual Harassment

Experts discuss the state of sexual harassment claims with more women speaking out, what makes these perpetrators more dangerous, and how to make legal claims stick.

15-30 Segment 1: Your Brain With Tinnitus

  Synopsis: Scientists have discovered that tinnitus, or "ringing in the ears," involves many more areas of the brain than just those involved with hearing. Experts explain why the findings mean it will be difficult to develop treatments for tinnitus, and what sufferers can do now. Host: Reed Pence. Guests: Dr. Richard Salvi, Distinguished Professor … Continue reading 15-30 Segment 1: Your Brain With Tinnitus