17-07 Segment 1: Peanut Allergies and Kids: Changing the Rules

Overhead view of peanut butter on bread with red crayon warning about peanut allergies


Peanut allergies in children have skyrocketed to the point that many schools ban foods containing them. Now studies show previous advice is wrong. Rather than keeping kids away from peanuts to protect them, parents should give most infants peanuts from an early age. An allergy expert who is co-author of new guidelines explains.

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16-05 Segment 1: Silent Heart Attack


Synopsis: Heart attacks that produce few if any symptoms may be mistaken for indigestion or simple malaise, but they can be more serious than heart attacks that bring crushing pain because they often don’t bring a victim to the hospital for lifesaving help. Experts discuss.

Host: Reed Pence. Guests: Dr. Martha Gulati, cardiologist, Universisty of Arizona and Editor-in-Chief, American College of Cardiology patient education initiative, Cardiosmart. org; Dr. Robert Vogel, Professor of Medicine and Cardiology, University of Colorado and co-author, The Pritikin Edge.

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